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Kind of like my version of Oprah’s Favorite Things.  A gadget that I can’t get enough of, a gift so nifty I want to buy it for everyone and anything that’s a clever solution to living more sustainably.

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Naomi Mercer is an actor, voice over talent, host and singer.  Click on the link below to watch a short video about me and about this site!

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Notable Gigs

POM Wonderful Spot
Linux Foundation
Mass Effect 2
La La Loopsy Tag Lines
E-Learning Narrator
PBS Promo
Curl Genius

The Latest

Facebook Synthetic Voice Job
Date: 03 Oct 2016
Sooooo, it's high time I announce that I did the name pronunciation feature for Facebook.  Every single account in the US, all 162.9 million of them, has this feature available, should they want to use it.  Here are the instructions......

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Local Work!
Date: 27 Sep 2016
In this day and age and in my line of work, it's common to have stretches where I am working regularly, but none of the jobs are local.  I do the job, turn it in, and then the client uses it in their local market.  So I never......

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I’m the Voice of the Painting
Date: 27 Apr 2016
This wacky job took three sessions to match the VO up to the animation and find the right balance of a Greek-ish accent.  After the entire spectrum I think we settled on 40% Greek-ish sounding:) Either way the job was fun and I love......

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